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a new styler for a new era

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a new styler for a new era

ghd ECLIPSE ® is the new and innovative styler ghd. Able to quickly and easily tame any hair type, ghd ECLIPSE ® will revolutionize hair styling more difficult. By means of the new technology patented tri -zone ™ - exclusively developed by researchers ghd to usher in a new era of styling - ghd ECLIPSE ® is able to transform your hair more difficult, such as those very curly, frizzy or afro. He also managed to style large sections, making it much faster styling hair.

The new ghd ECLIPSE ® uses the instant heat that comes from the perfectly shaped blades, to get the best result ever achieved in the shortest possible time. The new tri -zone 6 ™ uses intelligent sensors (three on each blade) to prevent the loss of heat during styling and keeps the temperature constant at 185 ° C, the ideal temperature for best results.

• New generation technology. The unique and patented technology uses six trizone ™ intelligent sensors (three blade) to prevent any loss of heat during styling and keep the temperature constant at each pass.
• A heat more effectively. The temperature of 185 ° C is maintained constant for the duration of the styling. This is the ideal temperature for styling hair and get the best results.
• Styling in a single pass. Surprising results from the first pass.
• Strips of precision ultra- thin. To transfer more heat on the hair, better efficiency and impeccable styling.
• Body colder to the touch. Aerogel insulation for more comfortable grip.

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